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About Us




I live in Cedar City, UT, with my husband, Kirk, and our 3 kids. I have always loved personal development and learning, especially about spirituality. As a mom, I have felt the weight of wanting to make sure I instill confidence in my kids and a knowledge of who they are and whose they are. It took me a while, but I found that one of the major keys to doing that is to make sure that I am confident in myself and in my relationship with God so that I can lead by example. I really believe women who have instilled that confidence in themselves are a powerful force for good in their families and in the world. 



I enjoy living in San Antonio, Texas with my husband, KC, and our little boy. I enjoy hiking, traveling, and experimenting in the kitchen and am a lover of all things dark chocolate. My transition into motherhood prompted some deep reflection and I was introduced to some important daily practices that have changed my life, especially gratitude. These simple routines have helped me feel more present, connect more spiritually, and find joy in every area of my life. I truly feel like I'm becoming the mother/wife/woman I'm meant to be. My hope is that these journals can be a tool to help other women have similar experiences so they can reach their full potential and become the women they are meant to be.