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Living Your Legacy Quiz

Ready to discover your spiritual legacy profile? Take the Living Your Legacy quiz here!

What is a spiritual legacy profile?

A spiritual legacy profile is a blueprint that helps us understand how we naturally connect with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on our spiritual journeys. It's like a personalized map that highlights our innate spiritual strengths, values, and characteristics. Just as we all have distinct personalities, we also have distinct ways of experiencing our faith and building a relationship with God.

These profiles are based on a framework called Living Your Legacy, which explores eight different profiles, each representing a specific approach to spirituality. For example, a "Bold Testifier" might find strength in openly sharing their faith and convictions, while a "Devoted Follower" feels connected through obedience and devotion. Understanding your profile empowers you to approach prayer, scripture study, and other spiritual practices in ways that resonate deeply with your core divine nature.

By embracing your spiritual legacy profile, you can create a more intentional and authentic connection with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It's a way to simplify your spiritual journey by aligning with your natural tendencies, enhancing your communication with God, and fostering a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.


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