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Spiritual Legacy Gift Profile:

spiritual legacy gift bold testifier

Congratulations! You are a Bold Testifier, a spiritual profile driven by a strong testimony about God and His truth and sharing that testimony with others. You lead others to Christ through your example of conviction that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He lives.

As a Bold Testifier, some of your strengths include:

  • Proclaiming the truth with courage and passion
  • Sharing your testimony naturally with others
  • Testifying with love and compassion
  • Inspiring and inviting others to come to Christ

Abinadi was a great example of a Bold Testifier. He had an unwavering testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and he shared that testimony with courage and passion. He fearlessly proclaimed the truth, and because of that, he had a massive and lasting impact on the world.

As a Bold Testifier, you fearlessly share your faith, igniting hearts and minds with your passion and confidence. Your courageous conviction and unwavering testimony inspire others to embrace their own beliefs and stand boldly for truth. Embrace your unique spiritual gifts and let your voice be heard. Through your powerful testimony, you can make a profound impact on those around you, bringing light and hope into their lives.



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