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Spiritual Legacy Gift Profile:

spiritual legacy gift selfless servant

Congratulations! You are a Selfless Servant, a spiritual profile characterized by your deep compassion, humility, and dedication to serving others. You lead others to Christ through your example of compassionate service.

As a Selfless Servant, some of your strengths include:

  • Seeing the needs of others and having the desire to help
  • Following the promptings of the Holy Ghost to minister to others
  • Being a good listener
  • Fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for diversity

King Benjamin was a great example of a Selfless Servant. He labored diligently on behalf of his people and served them tirelessly. He had compassion and charity for them and taught them to serve God and one another.

As a Selfless Servant, your unwavering commitment to serving others inspires those around you to follow your example and find purpose in serving their families and communities. Your impact extends far beyond yourself, creating a ripple effect of kindness and compassion. Embrace your calling as a Selfless Servant and spread love and kindness in the world.



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